Sunday, July 17, 2011

To a lifetime friendship...

The universe of “friendship” has different kinds of species in it. There are some friends who are always ready to hang out with you so that you are never alone, you always have someone to celebrate the best of your times with and the broader picture of life looks like a scene from Hollywood with all laughter. There is yet another type who is there at your beck and call and you know that when you are in trouble, that is the number you need to save in your speed dial for that person has a solution to every problem in your mind. And a few more belonging to the group who probably never express what you mean to them but tell you with their smallest of actions and the rarest of smiles that you are safe in this world coz “I am there for you”.

Well, I found a gem who is all of these and much more. Six months ago things were so different in my world. I lived a life where I worked 80 hours a week, slept through the weekends and spent rest of my time in my beloved books and movies. And then on a day for which I thank my stars, I met two of the most influential people in my world till date but this column is just about one of them (the other needs a longer thinking process to fit in my blog and that we will save for some other day). Our friendship has been like a joy ride all along not because it’s just fun that matters in life, but because he has taught me that happiness is what we live for. When you get the privilege to be a part of group to which he belongs, you learn to live life the way it was meant to be… that “seize the day” motto that every third movie talks about and every philosophy class teaches you.

There are so many things to be impressed about in a human but I can’t list any of that in this guy. Not because he has none but because that is an experience only a lucky few are entitled to and I am not certainly going to share that fortune with the readers of this blog. You have to meet him to know what a remarkable person he is and if you haven’t met him, well, that’s your bad luck! Don’t expect any descriptions from me here!! Thanks to him (along with a few others), I have learnt to appreciate so many things around me… What used to be lonely city where I have come just for my job leaving all my close friends behind became “The most adorable place” where I have come to love my freedom with a bunch of people who seem so much like my own.

I am keeping this one short for he knows how much I appreciate him being a part of my life and there is no need to write an essay for that. And if I know him correctly, he would already be welling up when he reaches these lines. It’s his b’day today and I wish him every single happiness in life. I hope (and Know) that this is one of the scores of such days that we are gonna celebrate together. May he get all he wanted in life including a shining career in advertising, a lifetime of happiness and unbridled success, a chance to travel around the world and visit all exotic places, a brilliant Jaguar (or Aston Marin or Mascerati whichever he likes more), and of course a bunch of precious people to enjoy all these with (including me!)… Happy b’day Nyukeit Thakkar and God bless you J

PS: There is only one thing I would like to change about you but my gift will take care of that!!!!

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