Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Musings in office...

A world unknown when u stepped into
This familiarity is a gift from a defined few
I ran after time to keep up with the speed
To catch up with that metaphorical success indeed
Along the way, unknown to the self
Unimaginable bonds of togetherness materialised in itself
To this day it escaped the mind that this is for life to stay
The comfort in a group of individuals so peculiar in every way
Never before never after could a work setting be so flattering
That empowered you to be yourself at the expense of the world's ridiculing.
And as the circle spreads across the world reaching out far and wide
The  heart prays relentlessly for strength against an inevitable divide
Did circumstances force us to rejoice in each other's company, probably so...
But the irony of life made me whole heartedly adore
Not just the jokes jibes teasing and fun
But the most satisfying feeling of being a special one!

- Dedicated to my team

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